High Intensity Interval Training – 5 Benefits of H.I.I.T.

May 22, 2018

Most people when they think of cardio, they think of grinding out hours on a treadmill or elliptical machine. The majority of people we see in the cardio section are essentially wasting their time, or just not being as efficient as they could be. Interval training is all about getting the most bang for your buck. It requires you to elevate your heart rate to higher training levels.

1. EPOC the Secret Furnace

Excess Post Oxygen Consumption is the process where your body will continue to burn calories after exercising. Your body can continue to burn calories post workout for hours afterwards if you elevate your heart rate high enough. Steady state cardio stops burning calories as soon as they stop.

2. Short on Time?

Interval training typically takes no more than 20 minutes to complete. The biggest excuse we hear in the fitness industry is that there isn’t enough time. We assume that we need to spend hours in the gym, but with proper programming and efficient workouts the time spent can be cut in half.

3. All Heart

Our heart is the most important muscle we have. We need to work it like a muscle. if you think of interval training as doing repetitions for your heart making in stronger and more efficient. It helps improve elasticity of the arteries and veins.

4. Diversity

Interval training can take many different forms. You don’t need to grind out the same piece of cardio equipment. You can mix it up with jump rope, kettle bell swings, step-ups, basically anything that will get your heart into the upper limits.

5. Stick to it

Finally the most important part is that you’re more likely to stick to doing interval training. Consistency is key in reaching your fitness goals and interval training is a short yet very rewarding allowing you to feel accomplished and more likely to continue.

How H.I.I.T Works

Typically beginners start out with a 1:2 ratio of all out intensity to complete rest. So if you chose to do 30 seconds on, take 60 seconds as a break. You can constantly change up the duration of your on’s and off’s and the number of rounds. Also you can change the ratio up to make it more difficult or easier depending on your level of fitness.



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